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Wrinkled and crumpled oil paintings of photorealistic fashion magazine portraits

Italian artist Stefania Fersini’s paintings offer meditations on representations of women in fashion magazines and the linchpin consumerist node of appearance. Beginning with pages seemingly ripped from Love, The Wild, Wonderland, and other such publications, these oil paintings prompt us to consider the relationship between these glossy images and the degree of veneer in our own lives.

Painted so the models appear life-sized instead of magazine scale, Fersini’s work comes to subtly reflect its viewer. As in front of a mirror, viewers recognise the reflection they aim to achieve and identify with. This continuous sway has a hypnotic effect that allows the observer to switch from conscious to subconscious and induces a personal reflection about the complexity of individuality in relation to these same models and values.

Discover more at Or go check out her first solo exhibition at 101/Exhibit gallery in Los Angeles, until 17th October 2015.

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