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Window Art by Meagan O’Nan

The Courage Brand (the name of my business – represents the softer side of courage, the side that is vulnerable, graceful, accepting, patient, loving, willing to understand, and hopeful in everything. The Courage Brand doesn’t say that life isn’t tough, it simply says you already have the courage you need to become who you are.

I went through a particularly hard time in my life when I felt labeled and not seen for who I really was, and I created The Courage Brand out of that experience. My driving purpose in all my work, as a photographer, artist, poet, author, and speaker is to help break down barriers between us all and to create unity beyond our labels. My mission in creating The Courage Brand has been to allow people the opportunity to buy something that reflects the beauty of who they are.
I like to reuse items in my art work and find another purpose for them. I restore and re-finish windows I find in old homes, and then create custom framed pieces using my photography. I finish all of the framing myself. From beginning to end, each piece tells a story, and each photo is given a name to bring meaning and purpose to those whose paths it crosses.

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