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Watercolors and Digital art by Dreja Novak

I am Dreja Novak, artist from Slovenia. I am an independent artist, living and working all around the world. My life is divided between three creative passions: painting, culinary art and psychology. I combine colors and contrasts in culinary art and psychology in painting. Every new location and culture change brings me new knowledge and ideas.

I was born in Slovenia. Strong interest for fine art lead me to Accademia Italiana in Florence (Italy) studying interior design and decoration. My paintings are reflections of my life, a permanent oscillation between light and shadow, time changes and places, lines and shapes … always looking for that equilibrium which I can only find in continuous movement, in the mysterious and the unknown. I love the colors, the contrasts, the ordered chaos, the desert and the ocean.For me art is like a journey, which transports me into a creative world of stories; My desire is to create a powerful painting and images that evoke emotions and feelings. The constant elements in my paintings is the vibrancy of the colors. Currently I mostly work with watercolors.


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