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Underwater Paintings by Reisha Perlmutter

Reisha Perlmutter was born and raised in Naples. Her newest series, AQUA. Perlmutter describes this series as jumping board back into the magic of her childhood, and her intimate memories with light, water, and its sensation. “AQUA is about merging time, about memories becoming present experience. It is about weightlessness, and our deep connection to our senses beyond the confines of thought or intellect. It is about feeling, about oneness, and being.Light is critical to these works. It is metaphorical of course in terms of internal illumination, but also directly necessary in evoking sensation and beauty through its presence and inherent complexity.  The imagery of this series uses light as its life force. Light and its transience is captured in the moment of a painting’ existence, and held. It abstracts the idea of time.”




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