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Turmeric: Royal Drawing School Alumni spice things up with their new show

After spending the last few months of 2016 in a prestigious residency programme won through the Royal Drawing School and IIFA (International Institute of Fine Arts), four British artists are now displaying their work at Daniel Raphael Gallery in Marylebone, London.

Artists Christabel Forbes, Lottie Stoddart, Tyga Helme and Matthew Cunningham were all selected by the 2016 panel and will be displaying work created during their time spent in the town of Modinagar, a small Indian village near New Delhi.

As part of their residency, the four artists spent a portion of their time teaching their craft to students at the Modinagar University, in between extended independent exploration and drawing sessions.

The work is strikingly colourful, using turmeric as a base coat for much of the paintings which gives the pieces a somewhat otherworldly, evocative glow. It was this inclusion of the spice in the works, and the cultural links associated with it, that led to the show’s title, Turmeric.

The exhibition will take place at the Daniel Raphael Gallery, 26 Church Street, London, until 10 July 2017. For more information, visit




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