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Step inside the creative studios of some of the top fashion designers

Continuing his series of workspace photographs, photographer and writer Todd Selby‘s latest book takes a look inside the creative studios of some of the top fashion designers. In an increasingly fashion-conscious society it can be easy to take style for granted, so turning the lens on the creators and giving an insight into where it all begins was Selby’s main aim.

After the particularly successful Edible Selby, which focused on culinary creators in their kitchens, The Fashionable Selby opens up the world of fashion creation. The workspaces of big names such as Isabel Marant and Dries van Noten are explored, as well as collaborative designers like Audrey Louise Reynolds who creates dyed clothing for Nike.

Overflowing with a variety of wonderful textures, fabrics and colours, the photographs show the dedication and artistry involved in shaping the latest fashion pieces. And many of the workspaces are rather chaotic, perfectly fitting the idea that creativity doesn’t need to be organised or tidy.

Alongside the photographs Selby has included handwritten Q&As by the designers, so that the book feel more like a scrapbook. Anyone with their eye on fashion can gain inspiration from this collection filled to the brim with some of the coolest, messiest and most luxurious of fashion workspaces.

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