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Spectacular photography series documents the 100 year old houses of Nagykörút

This breathtakingly beautiful photography series by Hungary-based Zsolt Hlinka documents the 100 year old buildings of Nagykörút, Budapest. The photographer explains: “The 100 year old houses are completely reinterpreted by the chosen perspective, changing our ordinary spatial perception.

“Looking at the accurately constructed, central photographs, it feels like the buildings are tunnels driving to the infinity of the sky – and this is where time appears, as if the floors leading to infinity represents time and the age of the buildings.”

Hlinka is fascinated by an urban mood and evening light. “I am looking for geometry and symmetry obsessively in each composition. When I take a photo, I exclude all other circumstances and focus only on the picture to be prepared. I collect moments.”

You might recognise the photographer’s work from the Urban Symmetry series, which we featured earlier this year.

Discover more at zsolthlinka.comVia Behance

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