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Smoky paintings created using trails of soot from a candle

Artists are becoming more and more experimental with their choice of materials and techniques. From coffee instead of watercolors to cardboard instead of wood, boundaries and restrictions are being broken down. Artist Steven ‘Spazuk’creates his work using a carefully crafted process known as fumage, with the flame of a candle as a pencil, leaving trails of soot on the paper.

Practising the art form for over ten years, Spazuk offers something really unique. Manipulating the soot into the delicate brush strokes of feathers and the dark murkiness of objects or bodies, the Canadian artist captures a strong contrast between light and dark.

The pieces have the quality of being both fragile and tough, mixing juxtaposing images, smoothing lines, and shaping sharp edges. His latest work ‘Smoking Guns and Feathers’, which combines the innocent beauty of song birds with the harsh violence of weapons, is going to be on display across major cities around the world, starting at the Reed Projects gallery in Stavanger, Norway until the end of August.

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