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Sensitive oil paintings that explore the female body in all its forms

Representation of the body is recurrent in the work of French artist Fanny Nushka Moreaux, predominantly that of a female body which she explores in all its forms: faces, busts, fragments of body. She then plays on contrasts: sensitive, sensual, timeless topics coupled with vivid, dynamic and contemporary brushstrokes.

“The narrative is not essential for me,” she explains. “I enclose the body of my subjects in abstract structures, diagonals, verticals. I use perspective lines as if they were the backbone of my new models”.

Born in 1983 in Lille, France, Fanny lives and paints in Paris and Southern France. She studied political science in Science Po and management in HEC Paris. She considers knowledge as a whole and beauty being part of it. Discover more at

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Fluffy Taffeta, 2015

NY Angel II, 2015

Military Wedding, 2013

My Devon, 2014

Transparency, 2014

Two Sisters

Green Taffeta, 2014

Early Morning, 2014

The Discovery – Revisiting Paxton, 2015

Late Orange, after a photo by Harley Weir

Golden Silk, 2015

July 21st, after a photograph by AMY GWATKIN

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