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Roy’s People: Little Heroes – The latest miniatures exhibition taps into our inner hero

After the huge popularity of the Street Life exhibition, Roy’s People returns with its second exhibition from 16th April at the Curious Duke Gallery in East London for the Little Heroes series. Full of all of the same humor and political engagement, We Are All Heroes delves into the hero inside of us.

Commenting on the power of social media, the artist Roy Tyson looks to the idea of ‘anti social’ or the dark side of social media. There are playful moments in all of his work, including the miniature lovers sheltering under beer bottle caps, as well as pieces that make more of an overt statement such as the vandalised police riot vans.

Sizes once again collide with pieces like Recyclapool where the miniature figures enjoy a pool part on a drinks can and Killer Heels, a more glaring statement about domineering powers. Look out for the superhero homage too as some of the pieces have shadows of many marvel greats such as the Hulk and Catwoman towering behind the miniatures.

To celebrate our inner heroes the gallery is hosting a Little Hero Hunt too on the 23rd April in Shoreditch Brick Lane and Hoxton. Participants will get the opportunity to keep one of Roy’s miniature people. Visit the gallery website for further information.

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