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Playful chalk art creates optical illusions on the street

From ground level, Leon Keer’s street art pieces may look like abstract works of art, but get the right viewpoint and his creative chalk designs come to life. These optical illusions harken a new time for street art, inviting people to open their imagination and broaden their eyes to see something special.

Evoking all the playfulness of childhood, the Dutch chalk artist’s largescale ‘three dimensional’ pieces include a throng of gummy bears mourning their fallen friend and an army of LEGO men walking into battle. Full of fun with recurring images of candy, toys and magical landscapes, the chalk art has been delighting people all over the world.

Sad though it may be to think that Keer’s art will one day wash away in the rain, the artist’s intention was for his pieces to be impermanent due to environment concerns. See more at

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