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Paris Then & Now: Composite photographs that compare the city today with the past

French art director and blogger Julien Knez loves to take old photographs of Paris and photograph them at exactly the same spot from the same angle. This fascinating combination of past and present really hits home how much the City of Light has changed and experienced since the late 1800s.

Brought together for a new book – Paris, Fenêtres sur l’Histoire and published by Parigramme – the clever images are often based on the city’s icons, with vintage pictures dating between the 1870s and the late 1960s. From the famous Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral to the elegant Champ Elysees and the Arc De Triomphe – Julien takes us on a trip back in time to historical events such as World War II and the Nazi Occupation, along with more peaceful moments such as the former trams that used to run on the streets of Paris.

As Julien explains: “When historical photographs are inserted into contemporary settings, we open astonishing windows to the past. More than ever, the inquisitive contemporary spectator is plunged into the depths of time, as if given the opportunity to stroll on different stages, at the heart of history in the making.”

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