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I Paint Architectural Landscapes Of Russian Cities Using Watercolours

Do you like travelling? I’m sure most of you will answer “Oh yes!” So do I. That’s why I decided to paint cities and small towns of my country that I’ve been visited.

I like working with watercolor and I’ve started painting about a year and a half ago. But to tell the truth I have always been connected with various art forms. When I went to school, I attended extra classes in art school, we draw with different materials there except watercolor, and I have never been thinking about professional painting with watercolors until 2015. Several years after graduation from technical university, I started studying photo manipulation technique in Photoshop, training photography, and then suddenly discovered soap making. Finally I’ve came to the material I had never studied in art school – watercolor.

So in these watercolor landscapes you will see architectural sights and places of Russian cities I like most of all.

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