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One moment in time by Randi Kristin Strand

Randi Kristin Strand. I was born and raised in a small village in Valdres, Norway, with a few hundred souls. Growing up in such a small place made sure I longed out, and was 17 years old I moved to Oslo where I was educated as a graphic designer and started the a designcompany as I ran for 23 years. I sold the agency in 2012 and now has a studio at Vøyenenga in Bærum and works full time as an artist.Randi Kristin Strand, born 1959 in Valdres, Norway, studied graphic design in Oslo, founded the design company Blanke Ark i 1989, but now she only works as an artist.The last six years she have regularly traveled from Oslo to New York to get inspiration, she also had a show at a gallery in Chelsea. She isinterested in the human body in motion and in capturing the atmosphere of the vibrant New York street life and the contemporary urban life in this fast-paced city. Personal experiences, impressions and observation from a street corner, a Sunday in Harlem, subway, cafes and parks – these are momentsshe like to catch with her camera and then process on canvas with acrylic paint. In 2013 she travelled to New York and followed the footsteps of Simon & Garfunkel – by visualizing the CD collection „Tales of New York“. The text elements are an integral part of the visual expression she is used to as a graphic designer. Music plays an important role when she paint.




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