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Newspapers that sprout intricate paper-cut tiny plants and trees

New York-based Japanese artist Yuken Teruya is currently exhibiting The Simple Truth at the city’s Josée Bienvenu, his third solo show with the gallery. Featuring Minding My Own Business and It’s About Me, It’s About You, two installations of altered and cut-out newspapers where sprouts emerge from the front page photographs to add a nuanced narration to each article.

Teruya manipulates everyday objects, transforming their meanings to reflect on contemporary society and culture. Using a variety of materials — kimonos, pizza boxes, newspapers, flags, shopping bags, and toilet paper rolls — Teruya creates micro universes that relate to broader concerns.

He explained: “Uncovering small metamorphosis in familiar objects is an exercise which enables one to turn routine into moments of significance, making us more aware of the indefinite alterations in our surroundings.”

Via Design Milk & Josée Bienvenu

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