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Masters of Portrait: Leading photographers pick their favourite portrait shots of 2016

What do you get when you ask 25 talented photographers for their favorite ever portrait shot? An inspiring collection of some of the best images from 2016, that’s what.

From established names such as Amanda Diaz, Scott Kelby, Laura Zalenga, Lisa Holloway and Dani Diamond to upcoming talent like Mária Švarbová, Maja Topčagić and Florian Weiler, 25pages is a portrait collection that you can download as a free PDF book – with no registration or hassle – or you can order the hardcover book for just €20.

Brought to you by Get Inspired magazine, the book includes the stories behind each featured photographer and why they picked their shot, along with some nice behind-the-scenes insights that even professional photographers will appreciate.

Via Creative Boom submission | All images courtesy of 25pages. Main image: © Jonas Jensen

© Amanda Diaz

© Laura Zalenga

© Scott Kelby

© Carsten Witte

© Maja Topčagić

© Dani Diamond

© Mária Švarbová

© Ronan Budec

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