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Levan Songulashvili

Picasso: “Are we paint what’s on the face, what’s inside the face, or what’s behind it?”

Levan: – I am starting from the behind, then continue from the inside out and finally, we see a face.

Selected title fully defines the work’s essence. Although it is desirable that it had a symbolic meaning in order to let the mind think more freely. The author may not give any title to his/her piece of art, as the title indicates a certain direction, which could be considered as some kind of limitation. Hence I give full freedom of thinking to the viewers looking at the portraits without any guide. The faces depicted on the picture planes are not certain individuals. This is a series of a laconic compositions and generic psychological portraits with visual codes and messages. No gestures but the expression coming from within the individual’s inner world. I built some invisible bridge between the artwork and the public to enter into dialogue with the viewer.

I’m mostly interested in philosophy and existentialism, in depth problems of human being, which acquires symbolic implication in my art.


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