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Layered Drawings: Artist creates intriguing layered landscapes using hundreds of panels

In his Layered Drawings series, Japanese artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi aims to bridge the gap between art and life through immersive, time-based images of nature and natural phenomena that come as close as possible to matching how we might perceive them in reality.

Speaking of his unique technique, Nobuhiro said: “By capturing spatial change and the infinite flow of time, I strive to produce art that creates movement between the artwork itself and the viewer’s experience of the artwork.”

For these Layered Drawings, he begins by photographing such things as sunsets, foggy forests, or a burning candle over a period of time. Nakanishi then mounts his photographs onto clear acrylic panels, out of which he forms chronological, layered installations that effectively re-create these phenomena for viewers to experience, while highlighting the process of perception itself.

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Via direct submission & Artsy | All images © Nobuhiro Nakanishi, courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates

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