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Impressions In Ballpoint Pen Art

In my painting Sunny Day, I’m introducing a beautiful architectural work, the Church of Cosmas and Damian. Constructed in 1794 and located in Kaluga, it is different in style from the typical architectural structures of that time, like St. Petersburg classic construction of that era, which leads to the conclusion that the church is designed by one of the pupils of the famous architect V.V. Rastrelli.

Although I briefly touched on the subject in the past, in the artwork Sunny Day the emphasis falls on all the beauty of the Orthodox architecture highlighting it`s historical values. In this atypical creation I attempt to focus the viewer’s attention first on the experience perceived from the painting, additional details will slowly come to light later. If the theater of light and shadows created in blue monochrome conveys the feeling of a sunny day, then several figures dressed in light jackets allow the viewer to feel the temperature of the air. Carelessly traced surrounding trees redirect the viewer’s attention to the church, allowing to fully enjoy the beauty and grandeur of this architectural monument.

Impressions is the key in the latest drawings Sunny Day and Quiet Street; to better understand it some artworks are provided in high resolution from my website.


Parisian Street


Venice Canal

Magnificent Mile

Quiet Street

Sunny Day

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