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House Work: Artists’ depictions of houses and other dwelling places

Featuring gallery and invited artists, and with a focus on depictions of houses and other dwelling places, House Work reflects a diversity of physical structures – from lone houses surrounded by nature, to buildings in urban and suburban settings. Equally, the exhibition gives rise to thoughts of home as a social construct, idea or state of mind.

Drawn from life, memory, imagination, or from sources such as films, books, newspapers and magazines, the works in the exhibition reveal a variety of human presences and traces of activity. From childhood homes, to holiday homes, haunted houses to dream homes, works tease apart the idea of the house as a place not only of physical shelter but also one in which to fix or locate particular memories or states of being.

Houses that may appear magnified, miniaturised, condensed or fragmented inspire thoughts of home as a place of rootedness, safety, or privacy, the house as a sense of hope, or loss, as a territory to be defended, a place to escape to (or from), or one through which we seek to define ourselves in relation to others.

Exhibiting artists include the likes of Jules de Balincourt, Hernan Bas, David Harrison and Alice Neel. House Work will take place at Victoria Miro Mayfair, 14 St George Street, London W1S 1FE, from 25 January – 18 march 2017. Discover more at

Via Creative Boom submission | All Images Courtesy of the Artists and Victoria Miro, London

Main Image: Hernan Bas, Preferring The Out To The Indoor Night, 2010. © Hernan Bas (Photographer: Nicola Kuperus)

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