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Homage to Marc Chagall

In Homage to Chagall, which The New York Times proclaimed “an affectionate and visually beautiful celebration of both the man and his art,” acclaimed Canadian documentary filmmaker Harry Rasky (Song of Leonard Cohen) coaxes artist Marc Chagall’s formidable life and transcendent work onto film.

This Academy Award©-nominated documentary is a symphonic blending of narration by James Mason (Pandora and the Flying Dutchman), first-person recitations from Chagall’s letters and poems read by Joseph Wiseman (Dr. No, Detective Story), and rare interviews with the charismatic Chagall himself as he nears his 90th birthday. In what Judith Crist of Saturday Review called “a magical blend of sight and sound that transcends the screen,” Rasky drinks in the lush colors and mystic images of Chagall’s paintings, tapestries, murals, mosaics, and stained glass windows from the Paris Opera to the Jerusalem Museum.

Homage to Chagall is a documentary film of a magnitude (it features over 100 of the artist’s paintings) that rivals the work of its subject. Rather than trapping Chagall’s achievements in an amber of dry historical context and typical documentary didactic-ism, Rasky’s casual mastery of film-making irresistibly humanizes and personalizes the art of Marc Chagall while only increasing its lingering, transcendent beauty.

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