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Giant pointillism artwork brightens up London office

London based graphic artist Yoni Alter has been brightening up the capital with his colorful art. And it’s hard to escape the artist, with his work covering double decker buses, on posters in the London underground, being part of a best-selling merchandise range for Tate, and more. Alter understands London, using the city as his number one source of inspiration. All his works evoke that flavor of the excitement of the bustling city, including his newest work Pointillism².

The artist has adapted Seurat’s famous pointillism painting ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’ to stretch 22 metres around the reception area of JWT London. The modern take on the 19th century piece uses large coloured dots to create an abstract piece that collectively mirrors Seurat’s masterpiece. The giant pointillism artwork is a great way to welcome visitors.

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