This Futuristic Library in China Looks Incredible

Yangzhou Zhongshuge is a stunning library in Yangzhou, China designed by Li Xiang of XL Muse Architects. The breathtaking entrance is defined by the arched walls of books and reflective black mirror finish on the floor, giving visitors the sense they are entering a different world.

As visitors continue inside, organic, flowing shapes and soft lighting set the mood for a literary adventure. Books are displayed in a variety of ways to tempt you and there is ample seating once you’ve found the right book. There’s also a Children’s Picture Book Pavilion for the next generation of book lovers!

[via Arch Daily, Designboom]

Architect: Li Xiang
Location: Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China
Design Team: Liu Huan, Fan Chen, Tong Ni-Na
Area: 1000 sqm / 10,764 sq ft
Project Year: 2016
Photographs: Shao Feng

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