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Funny miniature scenes offer a delightful surprise every day of the year

There are many artists that have dabbled with miniatures to create humorous scenes but ensuring he stays at the top of our lists Tatsuya Tanaka has created a ‘Miniature Calendar’. The project has been running since 2011 with the Japanese creative bringing a new pocket-sized scene to life every day.

His funny scenes depict all sorts of things, including climbing a giant donut ‘rock’ face, ironing out a creased post-it note and showering under a toothbrush jet. Now having made more than 1000 scenes, Tanaka never ceases to inspire us. He explains his project, saying: “The theme is ‘the interest of likening one thing to another’. In doing so, you can see how everyday things can become more fun when imagined in a different way”. Read the full interview with the artist on Design Boom.

Via Design Boom

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