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Fine Art by Giuseppe Di Carlo

Italian artist Giuseppe Di Carlo creates stunning works of art, mostly in a realistic style, ranging from romantic, expressive portraits to fantastic originals. He also paints abstracts and reproductions of great masterpieces. “I draw inspiration from everything around me and with my paintings. I try to convey a sense of beauty and wonder.”

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This is my finished portrait of Axel, an Australian shepherd. I hope you like it! Artwork on 30 x 25 cm (12 x 10 in.) canvas.


“Pegasus”, the winged horse of Greek mythology. Canvas, 45 cm x 35 cm (18 x 14 in.).


Captain James T Kirk (William Shatner) from Star Trek, The Original Series. Canvas, 45 cm x 35 cm.


“Fantasia in blue”

Reproduction of “Girl with a pearl earring”, after the Dutch Old Master Johannes Vermeer. Canvas, 50 x 40 cm.


Reproduction of Portrait of Giuliano De Medici (after Raphael), canvas board, 16 x 12in (40 x 30cm).


Checkmate, portrait of my brother, HP watercolor paper, 1/4 imp size (38 x 28 cm)

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