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Fine Art by Agnes Szikra

Gnes Szikra fine art. Agnes szikra is a freelance artist based in budapest, hungary. Running wild is a series of paintings capturing the mood and the vision of riding fast in a forest thus making an attempt to invite “time” into a two dimensional medium.

The colours of the sunny forest and the feeling of running / riding fast / speed is supposed to give the viewer a sense of freedom. This is the second piece of the series which went from a more realistic, impressionist tone to a nearly abstract way of capturing the same feeling.

I like to speak about my art however I don’t really like to give long descriprions of the paintings. The artwork is reborn each time someone looks at it. The conversation between the viewer and the painting gives new life to it. I like to leave it open to the viewer to add their thoughts, feelings, experiences and unique point of view to this conversation.



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