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Exposure to the Elements by Antony Collings

Working in an assortment of mediums including, Oils, Acrylic, Spray Paint and old worn posters, Antony creates contemporary abstract works by building layer upon layer over a period of time then scraping them back to leave the effects of a fusion of street art, graffiti and neglected urban space. Whilst using a variety of processes, all of which have been honed from years of experimentation, the methodology in each painting remains consistent throughout. The ultimate objective for works on display is for the art to look as natural as possible, as if neglect and time had created them as opposed to a brush.

Exposure to the Elements takes a critical look at society’s interpreted view of inner city decline, social breakdown and those abandoned areas that are typically avoided by the masses. All works consists of reconstructed snap-shots of urban decay which are then conveyed to canvas over time.


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