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Dolce Via: Italy in the 1980s

American photographer Charles H. Traub has released this beautiful series of work, Dolce Via, that transports you back in time to Italy during the 1980s. Available to view in a new book, you can follow the documented adventures of the artist who frequently visited Italy during the colourful decade, capturing candid moments of people and places through his lens.

According to Howard Chua-Eoan at TIME, the work is “sensual and sad, bursting with colour and pleasure, magnificent even in its melancholy. That is the eternal nature of Italy, the very nature of every thing.”

Of course, the title of the series is a play on ‘dolce vita’, which means ‘the sweet life’. With one letter missing, it’s Traub’s own take on a fascinating country during one of the most iconic decades of our time.


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