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Detailed Tension by Jingxian Xie

Jingxian Xie is an artist working in Chinese Meticulous Painting. She combines different types of techniques into her own painting which include traditional Chinese painting, modern Chinese painting, and western oil painting. This combination creates art pieces with highly rich characteristics in individual pieces. Her art is well balanced, using line weight learned from traditional Chinese painting techniques to enhance the tension within a work. She has also been deeply influenced by western painting techniques, most notably in accurately adding shades in layers. Because of this, she is able to express different emotions in unique and highly detailed work.

Jingxian’s Meticulous Painting is only applied on Chinese treated rice paper, which is an extraordinarily thin paper with a very traditional, striated, and fine texture. This allows the paintings to evoke peaceful feelings. Because of the thinness of the chosen paper, each stroke is barely removable nor fixable; in essence, it is a highly meticulous process. To achieve a specific depth of appearance, colors have to accumulate through numerous layers. Every piece of work demands great patience in heart and takes extended time to finish. This diligence and care is necessary to achieve exquisite art with a profound conception and great spiritual depth.



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