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Creepy hyperrealistic paintings look closely at people’s eyes

Stepping beyond the usual boundaries of personal space, artist Kit King gets up close to her subjects to create creepy hyper-realistic paintings that usually zone in on the eyes. Her facial portraits offer tight crops of eyes and other facial features, playing with shadows and light to add intrigue.

Some of her work is created in collaboration with her husband, Oda King, with the couple sharing a talent for the fine details. King explains her need to form personal connections with each of her subjects, saying, “I do not merely want to meticulously capture an image, but rather breathe a vital life force into transformed renditions of the world around me. I want my pieces to evoke a deep sense of emotion influenced not only from an in-depth tangibility executed through a high level of detail, but married with a sincere passionate portrayal of contemporary art.”

Via Art Nau

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