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I Create Colorful Photorealistic Drawings With Colored Pencils

I can spend up to 70 hours on one drawing. I love blending colors together and watching a piece slowly transform. Details are so important. It really is the little things that make such a huge difference. Patience is the secret to anything, but especially to realistic colored pencil drawings. When I’m inspired by the piece I’m working on, it makes it easy to get in the zone. Beautiful tattooed models have been a favorite subject of mine because of the intricate details and colorful art that already exists on their bodies.

I like to draw portraits of females that have a bit of a mysterious expression. Skulls and crystals also intrigue me. Their beauty and individualism can never be duplicated. I like the contrasting mix of colorful, pretty and whimsical with dark, edgy, and a mysterious feel. It’s fun to combine things you wouldn’t think go together normally.

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