I Create Ceramic Pieces With Giant Sculpted Crystals Growing Out Of Them

I’ve always loved the magical and fantastical realms of life and after taking an interest in ceramics, I realized I could manifest those interests into a reality with pieces that could be used everyday. I now work out of my home creating exciting pieces and projects that are constantly evolving which is a blessing for a creative person.

If there’s a message that I could share with anyone, it’s to go out into this world and experience as many new things as you can, whether it’s learning to garden, cook, paint or code. The thing that you say you can not do or are afraid to do- DO EXACTLY THAT; you will learn a lesson in Fear. That is how I got into knitting, oil painting and ceramics- they were all things that I said were too difficult or complicated and that I would fail at. In the beginning with knitting, I was terrible but would stay up until 2 am trying my best, taking it to the yarn shop the next day only to find I’d knit the entire piece backwards. I wanted to learn knitting so that I could make sweaters and made that my goal. After 6 months of knitting everything under the sun, I was finally knitting beautiful sweater patterns.

Be fearless and persevere through obstacles because it will enrich your life, introduce you to incredible people and teach you more lessons about Life than you ever could have learned if you believed you would fail.

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