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Brushwork wine by Mercedes Bravo

Mercedes Bravo :”I was born in 1988 in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba. Since childhood, I had big inclinations to art. I was always very curious with this new world that opened my eyes. As a child, I was always observing my uncle’s work (my uncles are renowned artists in Cuba). I was fascinated with the detail brushwork and the color scheme. This whole world helped me prelude at a very young age that my means of communication had to be fine arts. At age 14, I started classes at the Academy of Art in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. I graduated at 18 with a thesis related to the design of costumes as a conceptual object element; giving rise to all the plots that masked women. This experience has been my most genuine mirror during this time until I found 2 new inspirational elements in acrylic and drawing. Newly graduated, I started to work and had to limit my artistic work. I left Cuba to Venezuela where I taught art. Then I had the opportunity to come to United States, where I believe it is true medium for me to develop as an artist”.



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