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Artist J.Frede’s Creates Landscapes Artwork by Mixing Photos

Los angeles-based multidisciplinary artist J.Frede creates these unique landscapes by aligning vintage photographs purchased at flea markets in such a way that the scene continues from photo to photo spanning wide geographic locations. The series titled “The Fiction Landscapes” is a continuation of the artist’s interest in memories, both secure and lost within objects. J.Frede explains, “Choosing photographs that create a perfect line from one to the next while allowing the colors and contrasts to not play a part in my decision results often times dramatic changes visually in both exposure and color tones but allows the passage of time to be often times instantly recognizable from the 1970s to the 1980s to the present.” Though this particular series is entitled The Fiction Landscapes, the concept is anything but fictional. The idea behind J.Frede’s work realistically views humanity as one enormous community.



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