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Ai Weiwei launches latest sculpture featuring 70 metre long boat with 258 refugees

The National Gallery in Prague launches its new season with the latest piece by trailblazing artist Ai Weiwei, and a monumental installation by Magdalena Jetelová.

The Grand Opening in Trade Fair Palace introduces nine must-see exhibitions organised by the gallery. Most notably is Ai Weiwei’s homage to those affected by the current conflicts, humanitarian disasters and migration crises.

“Himself a refugee, Ai has almost entirely focused his work on advocating the refugees’ human rights and documenting their tragic condition throughout the past two years. He has visited dozens of places struggling with humanitarian crisis. The exhibition Law of the Journey is a multi-layered, epic statement on the human condition: an artist’s expression of empathy and moral concern in the face of continuous, uncontrolled destruction and carnage,” says the National Gallery’s Director General, Jiří Fajt.

The installation depicts an inflatable rubber boat carrying above life-size figures of refugees. His largest scale exhibit to date, Weiwei’s latest piece arrives from being previously exhibited in Athens, Berlin, Vienna, Florence and New York. The Prague exhibition is thus the climax of Ai’s “journey with the refugees” and, simultaneously, his hitherto most extensive project.

Also on display are Weiwei’s earlier works – Snake Ceiling, Laundromat and Traveling Light, and the installation With Flowers. The exhibition takes place between 17 March and 7 January 2018. For more information, visit

All images courtesy of the artists

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