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2200-Year-Old Mosaic motto decoded, it says “Be Cheerful, Live Your Life”

A rare ‘skeleton mosaic’ dating back to the 3rd century BC was discovered in the southern province of Hatay, Turkey in the ancient Greek city of Antiocheia. The mosaic is believed to be the centerpiece of a dining room in an elegant villa and inlcudes three scenes within an intricate border.

There are three scenes inside a rectangle with a woven guilloche border. On one end is missing a large section but the head and arms of a servant carrying a flame are visible. This represents the heating of the bath. The middle scene is almost intact and depicts two men moving towards a sundial on a column.

The last panel has the recumbent skeleton, holding a drinking cup in one hand, his other arm thrown casually over his head, two loaves of bread and a wine amphora by his side. The motto “Be cheerful and live your life” is written on both sides of his head.

To learn more about the discovery visit the History Blog and the Hurriyet Daily News

[The History Blog via Colossal]

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