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A Delightful World Of Watercolour Paintings By Sillier Than Sally


Australian artist Sillier Than Sally (aka Sally Walsh) has been on a delightful watercolor craze… new to the medium, she has loved exploring the organic and energetic essence that comes hand in hand with water colors. Her water color style is unique, detailed yet flowing and with a playfulness that breaths life into her creations.

Sally is a Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer living in sunny Sydney Australia with her husband and baby boy. Working across a variety of mediums she creates lively, energetic and colorful commission and gallery art, with a focus on figurative and wildlife art.



She exhibits both locally and abroad. Teaches in-person adult and school student mixed media art workshop days. Creates “Live Art” at functions and events and her dynamic murals are dotted across Sydney’s pub, office, and bedroom walls.

“Art for me is a gorgeous opportunity to touch & awaken another persons soul with wonder, warmth, color & awe….to in turn spark a smile & to remind us all of our own infinite potential” Sillier Than Sally.

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