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Watercolor Paintings | Joseph Zbukvic (Croatia)

Joseph Zbukvic | Watercolor Paintings

Joseph Zbukvic (born in Zagreb, Croatia) is a leading master of watercolor medium of his time. His impressive achievements and enormous success is due to his ability to transform any subject into visual poetic language. Covering an infinite variety of subjects, his sensitive, lyrical and atmospheric paintings have captured people and galleries from all around the world.

Due to his exceptional drawing skills and extraordinary abilities in art, he is proficient in any medium. However, it is his passion for watercolors that has led him to become a unique master of that medium.

Although greatly admired for his soft moody impressions of rural life, Joseph also produces strong urban scenes and powerful equestrian images. He has always had a deep connection and affection for the laborer and the common man and it is these works that are also his finest paintings ever produced in watercolor.

Artist now lives in Melbourne, Australia.








Joseph Zbukvic

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