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Watercolor Portraits | DEFECTIVEBARBIE

Within the drips of paint, artist DEFECTIVEBARBIE’s forms disappear & dissolve to create an emotionally cathartic experience that is unique to her style & regarded by her collectors.  Her work is inspired by visceral urban art, the social & political undercurrents of mass media, as well as the human condition.

 What makes her art most poignant is the way that it explores depression, pain, fear & the resulting strength & courage that emerges from these experiences.  There is an evocative aliveness in her artworks, it is both a calmness & an energy that is undeniably inspiring to look at.






The preserved negative space in which each portrait is suspended is as important as the painted areas themselves; this emptiness is intentionally used to engage the viewer to fill in the blanks with the feelings & ideas each painting evokes from their own experience.

What makes watercolor so difficult; its wild, unforgiving, unpredictable and surprising characteristics, is used to communicate evocative & immersive raw emotion. With unexpected mixtures of carefully controlled realism & chaotic abstraction the paint drips as a compositional component- as if they are real people, wet with paint & emerging from the paper, or the paint is some kind of energy, made visible, thats flowing from them.

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