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Varied Artworks by David W. Peterson

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David w. Peterson, aka “dazzlin’ dave”, was born in huntsville, al and has been showing his work since 1996.

He has shown in many galleries and juried shows, where his work has received awards of recognition. Dave is an autodidactic and multi-talented creative person who draws on his life experiences and thirst for knowledge to forge the objects of his imagination.

He began this journey working in clay, making curious little hand shaped sculptures. He then ventured back to welded metal sculpture, finding out wherever he left off a decade earlier “goofing off” in his highschool welding category.

His metalwork reflects his humourous facet, creating impulsive creations from components and items, of bicycles, vehicles, machinery tools and lots of different varieties of scrap metal.



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He employs skills he has learned in fastening, automotive, shop, and different trades to assemble these curious creations with their industrial feel. Later dave began painting in oils to explore different choices of creativeness.

His paintings are often seen as a sort of nonverbal speech, translating his thoughts and emotion into image as he lives in every bit of art before titling it. He doesn’t assume what to color however rather feels what to color.


He intuitively places every mark, each color, and every texture, releasing his deeper thoughts and emotions to guide the work progress. Sometimes not a person of the many words, dave simply expresses himself on paper.

His poetry reflects the thrill and pains of his life. Photography and digital imagination has drawn his attention moreover as music.

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