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The beauty of the unconscious by Ella Marciello

Ella Marciello | The beauty of the unconscious

“I’ve always felt the need to communicate. I have never been concerned about how I could manage to do it but I knew I had to. Art is a need, an intrinsic necessity. “Ella Marciello”

Performs scientific studies, not willingly then, when it is old enough to choose from, eventually enrolls in Letters. It is divided between the love for art and one for writing in a marriage in which the common factor is the space: the borders of a sheet, or a canvas.

For them cross the limits, during his artistic career experience different techniques and find its size, finally, halfway between the informal, abstract expressionism and painting material. What is not, or not yet, be expressed in words assumes the inherent connotation that art has its eyes drained of any residual formal value, it contains all meaning in the artistic gesture, in the very act of creation.

The inspirations that drive his work are many and varied: from the relationship that develops between emotion and colors reflection on the body as space and art tool, introspection of ego hidden access to the abstract and violent visions of memories or interactions human.

Over the years he has participated in several exhibitions both personal and national and international- collettive- and from 2013 is part of Aut (United Artists Torinesi), cultural and artistic collective that brings together artists and the province of Turin.

Ella Marciello








My art is mainly abstract because I think there are so varied and wide worlds that form just becomes a limit. I’m not interested in form. I’m interested in content, in matter, in emotions. My works are based on the emotions I feel while I paint, on memories, on human connections and interactions.

What I am, what I feel during my creative process is the real artistic act. What we see on the canvas is a simulacrum, it’s the shell of something that has got lost and that leaves this trace as evidence. It is not describable by words and expressible in no other ways but this one.

It often happened that the public looked at one of my works and asked: “what does it mean?” as if there was always a hidden meaning, not perceivable at a first glance. Every time my answer was: “ what does it mean, right now, for you?” what I try to do is to touch, to move something inside the viewer, without giving precise directions, through contrasts, colours and different media: my purpose is to make that moment of introspection come to light, the moment in which the public is intimately connected with my works of art.

Most of my paintings reflect general human states: they are linked to self- examination and catharsis, to the acknowledgement of the human condition and to the awareness of the process of time. My goal is to reveal the beauty hidden in the unconscious.”

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