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Trash and Found Object | Murals by ‘Bordalo II’

Trash and Found Object | Murals by ‘Bordalo II’

I was born in Lisbon, 1987. I belong to a generation that is extremely consumerist, materialist and greedy. With the production of things at its highest, the production of “waste” and unused objects is also at its highest. “Waste” is quoted because of its abstract definition: “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. I create, recreate, assemble and develop ideas with end-of-life material and try to relate it to sustainability, ecological and social awareness.

Artur bordalo (aka bordalo ii) is a street artist who has created a series of wall-sized animal murals using paint and clever reconfigurations of recycled trash. Among his “found” materials are scrap metal, tires, tubing, and crushed bumpers — anything that has been produced, used, and thrown away to last an eternity in the landfill.

Stunningly, bordalo has turned such tarnished objects into delicate feathers, soft fur, and complex exoskeletons, paying a bold homage to the animals he represents. In a clever blend of 2d and 3d art, the creations emerge from the walls like brilliant optical illusions, demanding our attention and curiosity.



Found Object







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