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Stunning colors and landscapes of Greenland


An effort to increase awareness and make such rarely preserved places last.

Looking for the inaccessible, in pursuit of imaginary enveloping the far North my expeditions are meant to be a tool, through photography, to get an overview of the actual geographic evolution in Greenland.

It is in a contemplative and artistic approach that I engaged my work. The landscape is so
unreal that pictures carry with them a part of magie. They inspire viewers to a little peace and serenity in modern daily life urbanized and dehumanized.

These experiences allow me to collect the evidence necessary for a better understanding of
issues related to environmental protection :

Wild horses in West Greenland near the town Narsaq July 2014. As we can see south west Greenland coast is very green compared to the rest of the country, nd it probably influenced the first people here to call it Greenland.

If the icebergs are so dangerous it is because the bulk of their mass (90%) is below the level of the sea. An iceberg 50 meters high can therefore dive up to 500 meters below the water.

At the end of the fjord, after exhausting days of walking, we discover a sad glacier retreating. In the middle of a battlefield, pink flowers grown in the bed of its river.

Everything seems calm at the entrance of the dock of Nanortalik. It is eleven o’clock on a Sunday summer evening. Icebergs crunches resonate over the sound of children playing in the streets, enjoying the long days.

On the hill at the end of the village Tiniteqilaq, house, isolated, facing Sermilik fjord. This view of the immensity reduces us to the tiny point state in the landscape and space-time. It is a true temple of contemplation where the mind comes up against the ice.

Each summers tons of ice falling from glaciers and flow into the fjords. These icebergs drift and melt to take all sorts of forms. Tonight, Julius, Inuit, cuts the engine of the boat, all is silence, all is pure. I am in another world, chills run through my body facing this ice castle.

Despite the calm and beauty that radiates from these giant ice, frequently they break and then are reversed. On the water it is necessary to keep a safe distance equal to three times their height. Julius alone with the Inuit, who himself admired the show at East Greenland in Ammassalik.

It is cold, the sky is low. Mist, water, ice, nothing moves the all day. Time is fixed, static. A mysterious atmosphere prevails in Kulusuk.

Northen light and shooting star! This is the result of a long time waiting outside in a cold night and a little luck. I was doing a photo, exposure 20s, then I saw the shooting star across the sky for more than 4 seconds while I was away from the camera. I thought the picture was already over. But when I checked the screen of the camera, light of the shooting star had been recorded! Was it my lucky star? Magic Moment!

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