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Stunning Abstract Painter | Josef Kote

”Light, both in life and in art, has been an intriguing concept for me. I pour myself onto each painting I create and every time the motivation is finding the light.”
​- Josef Kote 

The paintings of Josef Kote are symphonies of light and color. They are lyrically stunning and romantic. Kote achieves this delicate abstract paintings through his complete mastery in technique, and through many years of experimenting and learning to find his own unique style.
He is one of the best contemporary visual artist that can bring about as much emotion with his brushes and paint. His work combines classic and abstract , with dripping rivulets of riveting colors and light.
Born in the scenic port town of Vlore, Albania. Kote immersed himself in the arts early on, later he gained the respect of his peers and the art community at large for his unique style and skill.



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