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Street & Mural Art | Dan Kitchener

 Mural Art | Dan Kitchener

Dan Kitchener is a Britain based artist who has a passion for graffiti arts. Its an art he always wanted to master. He love to produce such huge pieces, the way the colors blend, the painterly quality it can give.

I have always loved graffiti and mural art my whole life, but only recently picked up a can. It’s a medium I have always wanted to master. I love the way you can produce such huge pieces, the way the colours blend, the painterly quality it can give. I think the scale aspect interests me most – the way I can do a small sketch and then do it 20 ft on a wall. Spray paint is really the only medium I can think of that allows you to draw on the way, almost using the wall as a huge sketch book. It’s such a cool thing sketching on that scale.

Dan has exhibited across the world, from Japan, Australia, Amsterdam, Germany and all over the UK.

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Mural Art

The cartoons I watched as a child and the comics I read still influence me massively now. I’ve stored up all the good bits in my mind and dip in when I need some ideas, quite often I do this without realizing it, like an endless resource. I get inspired now from all sorts of things, being out and about, trains, watching the scenery, moods, atmospheres. I like light and I like the way certain places feel, I quite often base my work on a feeling, usually dark ones!

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