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Street Art project | Julien de Casabianca

 Julien de Casabianca | Street Art project |

Julien de Casabianca, 45, french and corsican, is visual artist, movie maker. His work is always related to the street.

Gao Xingjian, Nobel Prize in Literature, wrote for him his first movie, a short-film, Night after the rain, totally filmed in imaginary city streets. The pianist Yaron Herman created the original soundtrack.

For his first feature-lenght, Passing by, he shot during three years in the streets of 44 cities in 22 countries, only anonymous passers by. A movie hailed by the famous director Costa-Gavras, who wrote he was “deeply moved and touched on the very heart”.







Upon seeing the painting of a female prisoner tucked  away into a corner of the louver on his visit last year, artist and filmmaker Julien De Casabianca wondered if he could “free” her by reproducing her image on a public street. This led to an unplanned global participation under a title of the outings project .
Since the inauguration of the project many people have unexpectedly untwined such paintings and put them up in public spaces worldwide.
Museums in Madrid and Poland have also proposed artists to “play with their art in public” in context with the outings project. “we don’t want to tell you something that you don’t know, and we don’t want people to feel ignorant. You have just to feel that [the artwork] is ancient and shifted, you have just to be touched by the emotion, by theesthetic, by the art,” says Sasabianca.

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