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A Sky Full of Stars | Assia Mahmoudy (Morocco)

Assia Mahmoudy | A Sky Full of Stars 

Assia Mahmoudy – The first painting ” Sky full of stars ” it’s a watercolor art work , it talks about a girl who always has negative thoughts, she thinks about what people say about her and hate herself but one day she took the challenge and accept the change .

That’s what she always keep saying when she looks at the stars: «You have this one life, how do you want to spend it? Apologizing? Regretting? Questioning? Hating you? Running after people who don’t like you? BE BRAVE .

Believe in yourself, do what you love, take risks. You have this one life, make yourself PROUD ! ”

Assia Mahmoudy

The second painting in my new watercolor collection is «let it go «, I draw this painting because I realized that some things in life we should let them go, catch other beautiful things and move on.

We have to be brave and take that challenge, no matter what could happen. Also there is a lot of great things around us. All we need to do is to take a deep breath, smile and let it go. Because some things aren’t meant to be.


The third one is ” stars can’t shine without darkness ”, through this art work I wanted to say that if we really want to be successful we need to fight for that, If we want to shine like stars we have to accept the darkness and never give up on our dreams.

I want to say that this watercolor collection means a lot to me because It represents the magical world where I can express my feelings, emotions and daily life experience.



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