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Rainy Paintings | Francis McCrory

Francis McCrory was born in 1983 and is one of Ireland’s most exciting young artists. A Fine Arts Graduate of the University of Ulster, he has received awards for ‘Best Emerging Artist’…twice!…the Diageo Award in 2006, and again in 2007 with the prestigious KPMG Award for Best Emerging Artist at the Royal Ulster Academy Exhibition.His first two shows at Belfast’s Belmont Tower and The Emer Gallery the year after, were sell-outs and he is already included in a number of major private collections.

Francis’ works are original, highly competent and boldly painted; their intriguing and sometimes lonely horizons convey an ambiguous mood. His style is unique, powerful, challenging. They are not just a deadpan depiction of the actual. They reflect that critical balance between seeing and feeling which the very best documentary artists seek to achieve.

In this specific post, we shared some of his work on a large body of ‘Rainy Windscreen Paintings’ in the studio.





rainy paintings

To explore more of his work. check here: Francis

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