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Portrait Oil Painting | Harding Meyer

  • Harding Meyer
  • Harding Meyer

Harding Meyer |  Portrait Oil Painting

Harding Meyer is a contemporary Brazilian artist known for his large-scale Photorealist portraiture executed with prominent brushstrokes and palette knife scrapings. His focus is on the human face—close-ups on a monochrome background—taken from popular media such as magazines, film, and television.

His mark-making reflects the horizontal linear structure found in images captured from television stills, or the geometric pixelated layouts within those that are sourced via the Internet.

Born in 1964 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Meyer studied at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künst in Karlsruhe, Germany where he currently lives and works.

Harding Meyer paints faces, just faces, but the first thing one notices is their eyes. They are at the centre of the 46-year-old artist’s work; they are its core element. They catch the viewer’s eye; they literally force him into the picture. The neck of the portrayed persons is cut off and their hair line is barely visible. The viewer hardly can avoid those eyes and he is unable to interrupt communications. This makes Meyer’s art so powerful.








Harding Meyer

When looking at Meyer’s paintings for a longer time you get the impression that something eerie emanates from them. They are not a piece of decorative art. Meyer is a fisherman who catches his models with a scoop net from the digital data stream.

These faces, however, do not have anything original. They are not natural, because they already were edited in studios and cutting rooms or edited in Photoshop.

These faces have overcome the status of standardization. Meyer gives them individuality. We should not forget that the faces that Meyer paints once existed.
To view more of his fascinating work: Click Here

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