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The Playful Murals and Paintings by Wes21


With a sharp comical inclination and wonderful control of a shower can, Swiss craftsman Remo Lienhard (otherwise known as Wes21) spreads both dividers and canvases with his perky synthesis of sci-fi and the normal world.

The craftsman envisions a cross breed spaceship ladybug as it impacts into the sky and match of airborne beacons are uncovered to be the groups of dismal looking squid. Lien hard meets expectations in a mixture of mediums from littler acrylic and shower pieces on canvas to bigger wall paintings that frequently make utilization of encompassing items.






Wes21 combines images that don’t necessarily go together, but make sense when seen as a whole. These symbols are then exaggerated with modern techniques to give a more contemporary feel to his works of art.

design and contemporary art to deliver an artistic product that is exciting and new for his audience. When observing Wes21’s art, you get a sense that there is this intentional collision of sorts between both methods, making his fans really stop and appreciate his best of both worlds.

As a member of schwarzmaler, a collective of outstanding graffiti writers, street artists, and illustrators, Wes21 stands above the rest by successfully capturing a moment, whether real or imaginary because his detailed works are unquestionably stunning in nature, taking us to an artistic world unlike no other.

To check out more of his work: Remo

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